Saturday, December 20, 2014

Busy Pre-Christmas Times

December was just crazy so far - and yes, I still have one exam coming up on the 22nd!! Isn't that great? (insert sarcasm here).

Anyway, even if I spent more time studying and writing papers I also did some christmassy things to get in the spirit. Here is what I did in the past couple of weeks when I haven't been at university or studying in the library:

{Vienna looks just so pretty around this time of the year}

{sent an advent calendar to my girls in Northbrook}

{studying at Starbucks with some Gingerbread Latte}

{some DIY Christmas cards}

{the city hall looking very festive}

{bailey's cupcakes}

{some more Christmas lights around the city}

{a good cup of tea with my favorite newspapers}

{being around the city center with my camera one evening}

{Home Alone - best Christmas movie and always reminds me of my time in Chicago}

{I absolutely adore this shirt, but discovered it only some days ago here - now I guess it is so late to order it...}

Are you already in full Christmas spirit? Are you already done with all the preparations?

I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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