Monday, December 1, 2014

Best Season of the Year

Today the best season of the year officially started - 1st of December. That means Christmas is coming up soon. I love December - the exciting anticipation, the festive feeling, Christmas songs on the radio, evenings of tea or mulled wine, gingerbread, and if we are lucky even snow.

I put together a little Christmas list and try to keep up with it and share some of the points listed with you.

What are your Pre-Christmas traditions? Is there anything you always do before Christmas Eve?

1.     Watch „The Holiday“
2.     Create a nice Christmas Playlist
3.     Buy a funny headband (I was thinking of reindeer antlers)
4.     Write Christmas Cards
5.     Drink mulled wine
6.     Buy some new tree decorations
7.     Watch “Love, Actually”
8.     Clean up the house/ apartment
9.     Buy a nice scented candle
10.  Send Christmas presents to my friends all around the world in time
11.  Read a Christmassy book
12.  Buy Christmas PJs
13.  Have a relaxed weekend breakfast/ brunch and stroll around the inner city
14.  Listen to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker
15.  Go to the Christkindl-Markets around Vienna
16.  Buy a festive jumper
17.  Bake Christmas cookies
18.  Have some very good hot chocolate
19.  Buy new Christmas socks
20.  Watch “Home Alone”
21.  Take pictures of Vienna’s Christmas lights
22.  Plan a Christmas Eve Dinner for the Family
23.  Put up the stockings
24.  Buy everything for Baked French Toast - the perfect Christmas morning breakfast


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