Sunday, October 5, 2014


So I finally made a decision and purchased my MacBook a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE IT!!! Sure, I had to get used to many things and there are still some things that I have to figure out, but I do have some really helpful friends and, of course, Google.
Also, last week, while studying at the library, I ordered a skyline-sticker for the MacBook front. This was something I was really looking forward to. My best friend Madi once saw a girl at Northwestern University having that sticker on her MacBook and we loved it. A couple of days later, she purchased it! My bestie, Swedish Maddie, did the same thing. So the only one missing out was me - neither had the sticker nor a MacBook... But the waiting is over and now I can finally say that I'm part of the Chicago-Sticker-Gang, too. 

Look at this beauty: 


  1. Der Sticker sieht ja richtig cool aus! Muss ich mir vielleicht auch mal besorgen

    1. Dankeschön!! gibt es auf Etsy und für ganz viel verschiebe Städte und in alle möglichen anderen coolen Designs :)