Thursday, September 18, 2014

People Watching

IMG_2485{look at the man in the chair – it’s probably his birthday}

I get caught a lot!! While observing people, I make up stories about them or wonder what they are like. Is your name Christopher or are you a Jonas? You sure could also be from another country and everyone calls you Soraya or Layena. Are you on the way home to your family? If so, why are you looking so sad? I like your bag, I think next, but I’m not brave enough to actually yell that across the underground. Sometimes I smile, simply because I like the way you look at someone else. And then I get caught starring at them. Super awkward. SORRY!! Didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, I just love “People Watching”.

Anyway – London is a great place for observing people and making up stories!

IMG_2335{he just couldn’t wait to see her in the evening again – Lovebirds}

IMG_2564 {this woman saw me. she was looking at me. I had to be quick. and I was}

IMG_2279 {I’m missing one pound. – Uhmm, I’ll have a look..}

IMG_2472e{Well, what do you do in your lunch break?}

IMG_2394{from above}

IMG_2438 {within the hour I was standing there and taking pictures of St. Paul’s, this man made several people smile}

IMG_2327{yes, he does enjoy the last days of summer to the fullest}

IMG_2482 {family picnic}

IMG_2382 {unfortunately I didn’t noticed him while taking this picture - I’m sure he is a very beloved grandpa}

IMG_2500 {do what you love, and do it often}

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  1. Toller Post! Und die Fotos sind sehr schön geworden! :)
    freu mich schon auf weiter! :)

    Bussi Elena