Sunday, August 24, 2014

MQ Vienna

IMG_2091e This weekend my mum came to visit me in Vienna. I suggested to start the mother-daughter-day off with some great breakfast – naturally!! When I talked to her on the phone yesterday she didn’t have any preferences so it was on me to make a decision and a reservation as well.IMG_2070e After thinking about what my mum would enjoy I called the friendly staff at Café Restaurant Halle at the Viennese MQ. It was easy to get a table, and was also informed that we would be seated outside if the weather was fine enough.IMG_2093e So I picked my dearest mummy up at the train station and only 10 minutes later we arrived at the MQ – the Museums Quartier. I really like hanging out there. There are several nice cafés and restaurants - something for every taste; all year around there are different events – mulled wine huts, MQ Vienna Fashion Week, Shows, etc.: the clientele is very relaxed and ranges from young, hip parents and groups of students to tourists and elderly but classy people; and of course museums!IMG_2073 But back to breakfast. We were seated immediately and the waiter was very obliging handing us the menus. Not too long ago I started a new habit – instead of looking at the menu first, I look at other guest’s tables and dishes. I think that whatever most people eat or whoever looks the happiest with their choice, well, that must be good. Today three people around me had the Breakfast Bagel -  so I ordered one as well! My mum went for a slightly healthier option – Easy Breakfast.IMG_2075 IMG_2078IMG_2080  Indulging ourselves for approximately two hours we finished off with fresh orange juice and a green smoothie. “First time green smoothie, YAY”, I thought, but I don’t know… Green smoothies are probably not so my thing. It was not bad, no not at all, but I simply didn’t like the floury consistency. I’m more the bacon-lover!!!!IMG_2081IMG_2090

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