Monday, August 11, 2014

Best Pancakes in Town

IMG_2070 Ever since I’m back from my year abroad in the States I love to eat American Food. And no, not the ready made dishes with all the bad ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. No, I love L O V E the homemade American things like pancakes, cookies, steak, cheesecake and so on. You kind of get the idea!!

As you already know, I am breakfast obsessed!! So it comes that I’ve tried pancakes at different places in Vienna in the hope of finding real American ones. I never gave up and kept on and I was lucky – VERY lucky!!

One day I found American Heaven on a plate. My friend Sarah who has also been to the US for a year was with me at Café Ulrich in the 7th district when we discovered the best pancakes in Vienna!

Look at those babies!!! Aren’t they beautiful?? Mouthwatering, indeed, and so lovely decorated with fruits. And for my friend and me, an extra side of bacon. It was so good!IMG_2064

Other guests where asking us if the bacon is always served with the pancakes. I was laughing and then explained them that we’ve been Americanized.

Apart from Pancakes there are lots of other delicious thing on Ulrich’s menu. I totally love that place – super friendly staff, very good and high-quality food, you get good value for what you pay, and I love their design concept. I’m sure that I will tell you more about Ulrich’s one day, but for today I just wanted to show you Vienna’s best American Pancakes!!IMG_2061

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