Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This is not a usual post - 'caus I'm writing it on my phone (sorry already for chaos formating and typing errors) from Frankfurt airport actually!! Thank god there is wifi all over this place!
I thought I might give you a quick update on what's going on with me right now. Well, as already mentioned, I'm currently in Frankfurt and am waiting for my connection flight to Sweden. This is especially crazy since I didn't really plan this trip, but rather just impulse-purchased this flight a little bit longer than two weeks ago. I'll visit my dear friend Maddie who I met while living in Chicago.  I haven't seen her since I left the States. Maddie and me used to hang out quite a bit, because we lived pretty close to each other. Over the course of only five months we became such good friends!!
What is more is that my dear friend Oskar is hosting a traditional Swedish cray fish party on Saturday. And since I'll be in the country anyway, I couldn't turn down his invitation!!
You probably can imagine how excited and overly happy I'm right now!!!!!
But back to what I actually wanted to share with you: my love for airports!
In contrast to most people I know, I quite enjoy spending time at airports. I simply love the atmosphere - busy business people (btw: did you know that the word business comes from "busy"?), tourists with crazy hats, so many different nationalities, excitment and other very strong emotions, reunions and good-byes, etc. Airports are such great places for observing people (there is a guy who is walking up and down between 3 gates for some time already, everytime passing me I smile at him)!!
Especially really big airports always fascinate me! I do wonder how things can work smoothly even though there are thousands of processes that need to be coordinated. For my studies at university I'm right now studying logistics and transportation management and I think it is so very interesting!! One day I hope that I can work at such a big airport like Frankfurt. I probably would get an adrenaline rush every morning just because I seem to never get tired of airports and airtravel - no matter how often I find myself spending time there.

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