Sunday, August 17, 2014

101 in 1001

life2 While surfing the web I stumbled upon a great idea some time ago. It is called 101 in 1001 and means that you write down a realistic list of 101 things that you can and want to accomplish within the period of 1001 days. Since I love lists and have several bucket lists I decided to give it a try. Writing this list was not easy at all! I never thought that it might be hard to think of 101 things to do, but since the list should be realistic it is a little harder – my budget as a student won’t be enough for lots of big and expensive trips, nor will I be able to afford expensive handbags. And I just didn’t want to list random stuff, but rather write down a meaningful list. It took me nearly a week, can you imagine?! Would anyone of you consider joining me? What would your lists look like?101in1001 So here is my very personal list - deadline March 15th, 2017 (I’ve already accomplished some points!):

1. Tell my parents that I love them
2. Revisit London
3. Visit Scotland
4. Graduate from WU
5. Have a job after university for a while before I start with my MA degree
6. Have my own apartment
7. New wallet
8. New running shoes
9. Instagram-Collage (all snapshots in a big frame)
10. “before I die”-Pinterest picture collage
11. Exchange semester
12. Revisit Chicago
13. Take a fantastic Chicago photo that can be printed in big
14. Reorganize my recipe collection and update it with family recipes
15. Visit Paris
16. Go on a skiing vacation
17. Go to a flea market and sell all the stuff I no longer need
18. Reorganize my “memory boxes”
19. Send Christmas card to all the loved ones!! Make it a habit every season J
20. Take a photography class again
21. Learn how to edit pictures properly with Photoshop (more like refresh my knowledge)
22.Get a MacBook
23. If 22. is accomplished, get an Etsy skyline sticker for the MacBook front
24. Organize/ host a cakes & sweets party
25. Do a SATC night with cosmos
26. Paint another acrylic painting
27. Go on the Traunstein with my dad
28. Host a Christmas-themed motto dress-up party
29. Go to a bad-taste party
30. Get a new lens for my DSLR (thinking about my 40mm pancake lens)
31. Get my DSLR fixed and cleaned
32. Do a picnic the fancy English way with bubbly and a classic picnic kit
33. Reunion with the Northbrook-Gang somewhere
34. Visit the WB Harry Potter Studios
35. Read all Harry Potter books again
36. Go zip lining in Schladming
37. Buy a good pair of high heels
38. Wine Tasting
39. Bake a really awesome layered cake and decorate it
40. Visit Amsterdam
41. Visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
42. Go see “Tatort” at Topkino in Vienna
43. Finally come around and see Lion King
44. Do something very special with/ for my brother Lukas
45. Visit the Melia in the DC Tower and enjoy the view
46. New perfume
47. Do the Whole30 or a month of Vegan again
48. Do some voluntary work
49. Watch at least one James Bond movie
50. Own a special piece of furniture
51. Do a criminal dinner (that is a game)
52. Host a fancy dinner
53. Accomplish another relay marathon or even a half marathon
54. Go rowing again
55. Do an “Amazing Race” kind of thing with Maddie
56. Read 10 books
57. Read a biography about the Beatles
58. Go horse-back riding
59. Get another special mug
60. Get some more fancy-schmancy socks
61. Organize my computer (photos and back-ups, etc.)
62. Transfer 10€ per checked off point of this list to my savings account
63. Learn the Greek Alphabet
64. Be able to name and locate all countries in the world
65. Get some more fantastic cook books (including Jamie’s Kitchen, My Paris Kitchen, etc.)
66. Get/ Assemble a good music collection (ask Johannes)
67. Widen my general knowledge (there is a book, ask Lisa)
68. Create my own “Vienna Guide” especially with restaurants and cafés
69. Go to Italy and have a delicious pasta dish
70. Get a printer – a good one!
71. Get a framed “Holstee Manifesto”
72. Learn how to make Sushi
73. Stay at a fancy hotel (in Vienna) for just a night and enjoy it!
74. Find a new job
75. Take a cocktail making class
76. Visit the live show of “Willkommen Österreich”
77.Do another USI course/ class
78. American Mixer
79. Work on my classical playlist
80. Go to a festival
81. Re-Design my blog
82. Organize my Pinterest
83. Mechanical pencil
84. Visit Budapest
85. Plant a tree
86. Get a massage
87. Create a quote-book just like Kathryn
88. Learn 50 new German words
89. Learn at least 10 star constellations
90. Visit all 9 states of Austria
91. Fix our milk foam maker instead of buying a new one
92. Tell the people that I love more often how I feel about them
93. Create a patchwork-blanket
94. Continue writing in my “One-Line-a-Day” booklet
95. Take a sunrise or sunset picture of Vienna
96. Visit at least 5 new museums and galleries
97. Visit Zurich and see one of Nikolai’s sculptures
98. Give a really special present to my parents
99. Go skydiving
100. Show my grandparents my gratitude
101. Finish shooting the film in grandpa’s camera and develop it
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