Friday, May 16, 2014

Your Person

{we all have our person}
I had a rough last year if it comes down to relationships. People came into my life but some also left me – some forever. Sure, most of the changes were due to the fact that I moved three times in a row. Twice across the Atlantic Ocean.
People who really know me also know that I’m a very emotional person but often I simply don’t show them. It does not take too long until I trust someone completely and I quickly know who I connect with and with whom I don’t. This can be good and bad at the same time because it sometimes leaves deep scars in your heart that only heal very slowly. People who play a major role in my life feel that, I would say. They know that they can call me whenever, that I would do pretty much everything for them and that I’ll be there if they need me. In return I also expect that those special ones would do the same for me.
But you know, life goes on and things change, and so sometimes it happens that special ones just happen to disappear. All of a sudden you best friend is no longer there. And then you try to chase after this special person and you would move mountains to take things back to the point where everything was still good and fine. You invest a lot of energy and effort into the rescue of a relationship. Why you wonder? Because they are your person - the one and only who truly and fully understand you.
I have six absolute amazing friends who are special in their very own way. Some of them still walk beside me and others took the other way at a fork and our paths only cross from time to time. The thing they all have in common: I will love them – always and forever.
This is to all of you who came into my life and made me give away part of my heart and I never regret a single time where I gave away a piece. And if you call tomorrow because you need me, I’ll be there, no matter what, even if that means that I’ve to catch the airplane or that we’ll talk for the first time in ages again.

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