Saturday, May 24, 2014

Starting the day right

If someone asks me what my favorite meal of the day is, I’ll answer „breakfast, definitely!!” I honestly love breakfast and brunch. You can just have everything for the first meal of the day – sweet or savory doesn’t matter. Apart from all the delicious food I love breakfast because it kind of prepares you for the day. Easy relaxed weekend breakfasts with newspapers and some more time let you ease into the day while a weekday breakfast (in the worst case eaten on the way to work/ university) needs to be light and quick.IMG_1516I found some really quick and easy breakfasts that work very well for me when I’ve to get up early. When I know that I’ll be in a hurry the next morning I prepare my breakfast the evening before. I take a little Tupperware-box or a nice Weck-glass and throw together yogurt, oats, some seeds, goji berries and either a grated apple or some frozen raspberries and let the mixture sit in the fridge over night. I just need to grab a spoon and take the muesli out of the refrigerator.  IMG_1532If I do have some more time I usually go for soy-milk with cornflakes (buckwheat or rice or spelt), some fruit like banana, strawberries or blueberries and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.IMG_0061On weekends I usually prepare myself a slightly bigger meal in the morning and skip lunch. I love to eat some slices of watermelon or pineapple early in the day because it is so refreshing. In the winter I usually go for tea (no coffee for me in the morning!) and on warmer days I prefer some good-quality juice.sommerIMG_8561 Whenever I’m at home at my parents’ place I try to prepare a nice weekend breakfast for my family. First of all, I arrange a nice atmosphere with fresh flowers, nice napkins and stuff like that. Apart from all the regular breakfast food (jam, toast, coffee, tea, yogurt, granola, fruit) I always make one warm dish like pancakes or a breakfast casserole (I love Baked French Toast) and also prepare some ham, cheese and eggs.IMG_0139IMG_1368Very suitable for my love for breakfast is the city I live in – Vienna. Seriously you can have breakfast in the city between 5am and 11pm!!! There are some many great places to go, especially on weekends most cafés offer a breakfast/brunch all-you-can-eat buffet. My Top-5 breakfast places are: Nykke, Motto am Fluss, Edison, Café Leopold and Café Phil. The only thing I really miss here in Austria is really good and crispy bacon.IMG_0301 IMG_1512 mg_3902_51292863e087c317acb04932 IMG_0944
Anyone out there who is as breakfast-obsessed as I am?

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  1. Hey Hey !
    Ich wollte dich auf mein Gewinnspiel aufmerksam machen.
    Vielleicht hättest du ja Lust teilzunehmen !

    In liebe <3