Monday, April 7, 2014

Let’s go to… Venice

CIMG2052 I’ve wanted to tell you about my fantastic times in Venice a couple of times already but now is the perfect moment to do so because it is exactly two years since I’ve been there for the last time. Back in April 2012 my friend Lisa and me decided spontaneously to go there over Easter and eat lots of good Italian food.Venice2012 (106)Venice is a city in the North of Italy situated in the Venetian Lagoon. It consists of 118 islands that are separated by canals and mainly connected by bridges but also by ferries. Therefore it is also called “The city of bridges” or “The floating city”. But not only is Venice known for its massive amounts of water but also for its carnival in February and its frequent acqua alta (high water) and its stunning beauty. Once the New York Times described Venice as "undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man".Venice2012 (21) Venice2012 (212)What I especially love about Venice is the combination of beautiful architecture and the water that surrounds everything. Grabbing a good Italian cappuccino in the early hours of the day and then stroll around in the narrow alleys and enjoying the first sunrays and maybe even go to the farmers market – simply fantastic!!Venice2012 (277) Venice2012 (56)Lighting and colors are in my opinion magical in Venice. Everything looks so peaceful and at the same time so vivid and esthetic.Venice2012 (160) Venice2012 (76)Venice2012 (254) Even though there are tons of tourists (I guess pretty much all year around) you should definitely walk to the Piazza San Marco. This square is full of people and pigeons!! On the one side you have the Palazzo Ducale – a really fascinating building. On the other side there is the Basilica and the Campanile. I’ve to admit that I’ve never been inside of the Basilica simply because I really don’t want to line up for half a day.. But I’ve been on the Campanile and the view from up there is breathtaking!!Venice2012 (314)Venice2012 (195)Venice2012 (187)Venice2012 (210) An absolute must when you visit Venice is the island of Murano. You can go there with the Vaporetto (public transport on the water) and I guess it is the most colorful of all islands of the city. Murano is especially famous for its glass – they make filigree chandeliers and all other kinds of glass objects. In the summer you should also check out the lido, the beach. Arriving there you all of a sudden feel like you’re no longer in a city but on a beach holiday, so make sure to bring along your bikini and beach towel.Venice2012 (137) DSC06118I do only have two specific recommendation when it comes to food. First you should go and have dinner at Ristorante Al Graspo De Ua the food there is outstanding!! And if you want to have really, really, REALLY good profiterole go to Al Vecio Forno (on tripadvisor it does not have the best ratings but believe me the food and especially the deserts are very delicious!!). In general you will find cute restaurants, cafés and bars all over the city.Venice2012 (31) Venice2012 (351)Also stay at a hotel that is quite central because you just walk everywhere. Check out little boutiques because they sell high quality and very unique stuff especially leatherwear, scarves and delicate fabrics, jewelry and underwear. Venice2012 (214) Venice2012 (71) Venice2012 (80)Venice2012 (147)

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