Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rolf’s Kök

rolfskök2Foto 23.02.14 20 33 21 A little more than a month ago we’ve been to Rolf’s Kök for the first time. How we discovered this fantastic place? Well, we arrived pretty early in the morning so we would have had some time to stroll around our area after checking in at the hotel. Unfortunately it started raining and so we decided to better start with lunch than exploring Stockholm in the rain. I had a look at the travelling guide, my notes with all the insider tips from a friends and I also googled “best restaurant Stockholm” (yes I did google exactly that!!) And everywhere it was recommended to stop by Rolf’s Kök at some point. And since this place was just around the corner we grabbed our umbrellas and headed out for lunch.IMG_1030IMG_1028Inside it was all magic. People chatted wildly with each other, waiters served the guests with ease, you could hear cutlery and plates, the interior design was very special and there was a really good smell in the air. This must be heaven I thought! I asked the first really friendly waiter who came up towards me for a table. Well, as you can probably imagine, this place was packed so no free tables but we got a good spot at the bar. The menu was in Swedish but since it is so similar to German I didn’t have a problem understanding it. We ordered, got our food and enjoyed it: the food, the atmosphere, the good butter and bread, the nice waiters, etc.Foto 23.02.14 19 09 18 IMG_1032 I really do like the concept of Rolf’s Kök. You go there for lunch on weekdays means you get to choose between two different main courses and afterwards you get coffee (well, of course, it is Sweden!!). The menu varies with the season and as far as possible all goods are from local producers. In the evening of on weekends people go there for a nicer fancier dinner and then you can eat à la carte. What I also found really interesting is that as a guest you can actually see into the kitchen, it’s completely open, so it was double the fun to sit at the bar. Foto 23.02.14 19 25 27If you ever go to Stockholm, please make sure you go there and enjoy this magical atmosphere. I never before saw such a cool and at the same time high-quality concept restaurant. At Rolf’s Kök eating is celebrated the way it should be!! Hands down the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had and without any doubt the idea behind the restaurant is amazing. If you are a wine lover, check out their wine menu as well, they have some outrageous and exquisite bottles that will make a perfect combo with the Swedish dishes. IMG_1037Foto 23.02.14 19 48 31 (1)
What are your favorite restaurants?

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