Sunday, March 16, 2014

one hundred and sixty-three

IMG_1357There are not a lot of things that I would keep or collect. I believe that attachment to material things is not really necessary. Please don’t get me wrong, I do also have some things that I really do not want to get rid of but after coming home from the US I realized that there are not a lot of material things that I missed. I was perfectly happy with 24 kilos of personal things for a year and I honestly didn’t miss more than three or four specific pieces from home.IMG_1364But as I mentioned above I do have some very special pieces that mean a lot to me or remind me of certain moments. Postcards are such things! Each tells a very unique story.
It must have been years ago that I started to collect postcards. Every time when anyone I know goes on a vacation I tell them to send a postcard!! I still love the feeling when there is a new card in my mailbox. I think it is such a sweet gesture to send old-fashioned postcards in our busy world where you can share moments instantly via Social Media with each other. Holding a new postcard fills me with joy and looking at them after years makes me smile. So far there are163 reasons to smile in my “postcard-box” and I keep on counting.IMG_1374 I guess that is one of my oldest cards and it reminds me so much about my childhood that I sometimes get really sentimental reading it.IMG_1369 London – the city I’ve always wanted to visit!! My dear friend Verena sent it to me years ago and since it was taped to my closet for a really long time it reminds me of dreaming of going there a lot!!IMG_1372 Probably the craziest and most outstanding postcard I’ve ever received! I still remember that I was overwhelmed when I took it out of the mailbox and was jumping like a little child.IMG_1375 My two favorite postcards from NYC. I love their special perspectives!!IMG_1377 San Francisco, the Whitsunday Islands and St Andrews. Love them all especially the one from Scotland since my host-grandma sent it to me!IMG_1380 Vintage. It didn’t come in the mail but I bought it in a very cute store in Venice two years ago. I love the fact that paintings of some of my favorite artist were transformed into postcards. Two passions in one piece!!IMG_1378 I absolutely adore this one – got it yeeeears ago from my dear friend Lisa and she wrote such funny stuff on the back that I still cannot help but laugh when I read about those cows that were living right next to the place where they stayed.
IMG_1386Do you collect postcards or do you still write them when you are on a vacation? 

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