Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mini Vacation

Oh I cannot tell you how much I look forward to a much needed break! Even though February was not that stressful, I still had to write two exams, travelled to Sweden and since two weeks I’m studying for the upcoming exams on Thursday again! You kind of get the idea.morning image via
So I will stay home and do, exactly, NOTHING!! Finally I can come around to do some things that I had no time for so far. I’ve wanted to read “The Revenge Wears Prada” in a while now. Also “Divergent” is on the list. I’ve some recipes I want to give a try. And I really want to spend some time with my grandma, I didn’t see her in ages… There is also an acrylic painting that I didn’t finish so far and I also will take a nice long bath.Foto 04.03.14 21 43 12
So all in all a very, VERY relaxed weekend is ahead of me!!

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