Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rolf’s Kök

rolfskök2Foto 23.02.14 20 33 21 A little more than a month ago we’ve been to Rolf’s Kök for the first time. How we discovered this fantastic place? Well, we arrived pretty early in the morning so we would have had some time to stroll around our area after checking in at the hotel. Unfortunately it started raining and so we decided to better start with lunch than exploring Stockholm in the rain. I had a look at the travelling guide, my notes with all the insider tips from a friends and I also googled “best restaurant Stockholm” (yes I did google exactly that!!) And everywhere it was recommended to stop by Rolf’s Kök at some point. And since this place was just around the corner we grabbed our umbrellas and headed out for lunch.IMG_1030IMG_1028Inside it was all magic. People chatted wildly with each other, waiters served the guests with ease, you could hear cutlery and plates, the interior design was very special and there was a really good smell in the air. This must be heaven I thought! I asked the first really friendly waiter who came up towards me for a table. Well, as you can probably imagine, this place was packed so no free tables but we got a good spot at the bar. The menu was in Swedish but since it is so similar to German I didn’t have a problem understanding it. We ordered, got our food and enjoyed it: the food, the atmosphere, the good butter and bread, the nice waiters, etc.Foto 23.02.14 19 09 18 IMG_1032 I really do like the concept of Rolf’s Kök. You go there for lunch on weekdays means you get to choose between two different main courses and afterwards you get coffee (well, of course, it is Sweden!!). The menu varies with the season and as far as possible all goods are from local producers. In the evening of on weekends people go there for a nicer fancier dinner and then you can eat à la carte. What I also found really interesting is that as a guest you can actually see into the kitchen, it’s completely open, so it was double the fun to sit at the bar. Foto 23.02.14 19 25 27If you ever go to Stockholm, please make sure you go there and enjoy this magical atmosphere. I never before saw such a cool and at the same time high-quality concept restaurant. At Rolf’s Kök eating is celebrated the way it should be!! Hands down the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had and without any doubt the idea behind the restaurant is amazing. If you are a wine lover, check out their wine menu as well, they have some outrageous and exquisite bottles that will make a perfect combo with the Swedish dishes. IMG_1037Foto 23.02.14 19 48 31 (1)
What are your favorite restaurants?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Plans “at eight”

at eight Yesterday in the evening I was working at the restaurant at eight. It is a very nice and fancy one on the Ring here in Vienna. Arriving there at 4pm and getting started with preparing everything for our dining guests reminded me of my big dream again. You need to know that I never quite knew what I wanted to do with my life. Sure there are some major points on my life-long to-do list (and yes I do have something like that – OCD says hello) like doing some volunteer work in Africa, learn how to surf and sail, travelling to a bazillion places, etc. But of course I was also thinking about what I could do for a living one day. Let me tell you, I don’t know any other person who had that many dream jobs than I did. From becoming an astronaut, to being a flute teacher, to opening my very own travel agency, to earn my money with working as an architect, to studying medicine and becoming a neurosurgeon.
When I was 18 I decided to not study medicine but rather start with a solid BA in business admin. That’s something I will need for pretty much every Master that sounds interesting to me. Now I narrowed it down to Plan A, B and C. Plan A is to work in the field of transport and logistics management preferably at big and busy airports. Plan B is not yet fully developed but it is going in the creative direction of photography and interior design. And Plan C is having my very own restaurant and/ or eight 3
Coming back from where I started: working at this adorable restaurant yesterday made me think about my future again. I love working in gastronomy: the thrill you get when things are getting busy, the smile you receive from happy customers, the joking with your co-workers especially with the chefs and of course all the delicious food!!! The only thing that scares me from making Plan C to Plan A is the fact that lots of restaurants don’t do very well and sooner or later they go bankrupt. Sure it is important to hold on to your dreams and to do what you truly love but in my case I decided to open a restaurant or small hotel when I am no longer financially dependent from the profits. In my opinion that can save you from starting hating your dream come eight 2
Even though the at eight is very nice and I can absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good place to have a fancy dinner. Nice atmosphere, great interior, friendly service and of course amazing food!! For my taste a little too exquisite and quiet. Eating is a celebration and the best thing to do is to share it with friends, family, etc. That’s the reason why I love Rolf’s Kök in Stockholm so much. But more about my favorite restaurant a little later next week!rolfskök
Have a great Sunday, peeps!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

one hundred and sixty-three

IMG_1357There are not a lot of things that I would keep or collect. I believe that attachment to material things is not really necessary. Please don’t get me wrong, I do also have some things that I really do not want to get rid of but after coming home from the US I realized that there are not a lot of material things that I missed. I was perfectly happy with 24 kilos of personal things for a year and I honestly didn’t miss more than three or four specific pieces from home.IMG_1364But as I mentioned above I do have some very special pieces that mean a lot to me or remind me of certain moments. Postcards are such things! Each tells a very unique story.
It must have been years ago that I started to collect postcards. Every time when anyone I know goes on a vacation I tell them to send a postcard!! I still love the feeling when there is a new card in my mailbox. I think it is such a sweet gesture to send old-fashioned postcards in our busy world where you can share moments instantly via Social Media with each other. Holding a new postcard fills me with joy and looking at them after years makes me smile. So far there are163 reasons to smile in my “postcard-box” and I keep on counting.IMG_1374 I guess that is one of my oldest cards and it reminds me so much about my childhood that I sometimes get really sentimental reading it.IMG_1369 London – the city I’ve always wanted to visit!! My dear friend Verena sent it to me years ago and since it was taped to my closet for a really long time it reminds me of dreaming of going there a lot!!IMG_1372 Probably the craziest and most outstanding postcard I’ve ever received! I still remember that I was overwhelmed when I took it out of the mailbox and was jumping like a little child.IMG_1375 My two favorite postcards from NYC. I love their special perspectives!!IMG_1377 San Francisco, the Whitsunday Islands and St Andrews. Love them all especially the one from Scotland since my host-grandma sent it to me!IMG_1380 Vintage. It didn’t come in the mail but I bought it in a very cute store in Venice two years ago. I love the fact that paintings of some of my favorite artist were transformed into postcards. Two passions in one piece!!IMG_1378 I absolutely adore this one – got it yeeeears ago from my dear friend Lisa and she wrote such funny stuff on the back that I still cannot help but laugh when I read about those cows that were living right next to the place where they stayed.
IMG_1386Do you collect postcards or do you still write them when you are on a vacation? 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lemon Cake

Sleeping in and waking up because the sun is shining is one of the best things. I really enjoy the warmer weather now and love the fact that I can put most of my winter clothes in the back of the closet and wear more and more often lighter blouses and colorful blazers again!! Cannot wait to finally wear my Chucks and Sandals again.
Since two years now I also associate Lemon Cake with the arrival of spring! I really love Lemon Cake and I’m even happier that Rosie from The Londoner shared the most amazing (and at the same time simple) recipe with her readers. Everyone probably has the ingredients on hand, so no problem at all to start baking on a lovely Saturday morning!!IMG_1351 IMG_1350
Recipe:170 g softened butter
170 g of caster sugar
170 g flour
3 eggs
zest of two lemons
some rum
1/2 tsp of baking powder
Mix everything together and bake at 180°C (350°F) for about 30 minutes.
For the glaze mix together the juice of the two lemons and 200 g of confectioners sugar and pour the mixture over the cake.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mini Vacation

Oh I cannot tell you how much I look forward to a much needed break! Even though February was not that stressful, I still had to write two exams, travelled to Sweden and since two weeks I’m studying for the upcoming exams on Thursday again! You kind of get the idea.morning image via
So I will stay home and do, exactly, NOTHING!! Finally I can come around to do some things that I had no time for so far. I’ve wanted to read “The Revenge Wears Prada” in a while now. Also “Divergent” is on the list. I’ve some recipes I want to give a try. And I really want to spend some time with my grandma, I didn’t see her in ages… There is also an acrylic painting that I didn’t finish so far and I also will take a nice long bath.Foto 04.03.14 21 43 12
So all in all a very, VERY relaxed weekend is ahead of me!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Up North

Hej Hej!! I really enjoyed my stay in Sweden but unfortunately also this trip has an end and so there are only a few hours in this beautiful country left… Anyway I thought that I will already show you some pictures from Stockholm before I put the hardcore-study-mode on again!!
IMG_1307IMG_1318IMG_1076IMG_1061IMG_1054IMG_1124IMG_1225 IMG_1153IMG_1298
Of course I will have a lot to share with you about the last couple of days, so stay tuned!
Have a great week you guys!!