Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two days to go

My university course is nearly over and I have to start packing soon for going to Stockholm!! I am already so excited to be there for the first time and see my friend Ellinor again.
Here are some of my travel essentials that I will take along with me this time!travel-essentials-stockholm1. Bag
First of all you need a big handbag. I found this a while ago at Zara and love it. It’s divided into three sections: two outside ones that are perfect for magazines, books, etc. and the main inside part. What I love most about this bag: it stays in shape!!
2. Comfy Clothes
I got this knitted pullover from Vila some weeks ago and I thing it is perfect for going by plane somewhere: cozy, warm but not too hot, casual but classy.
3. ScarfA scarf is a must when travelling. Use it as a blankie, pillow, jacket, etc.

4. Entertainment
I downloaded the Audio-Book version of “The Great Gatsby”. I love it that a sexy British male voice is reading it to me!! just kidding, I’ve always wanted to hear the actual stroy and not just see the movie, which is really great as well.
5. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1Every woman should own one, seriously amazing!!

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