Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year. New Me. Bullshit?

2013 was great!! It was a rollercoaster though but since I am optimistic and only remember the good stuff for me the last year was absolutely fantastic. There were some things though where I think some improve might be good. I thought about sharing them with you. How about your New Years Resolutions?
1. Sleep more
I am really blessed and do not need as much sleep as others do, but still, even my body needs some time to rest and I want to give it this time to recover. So from now on I want to go to sleep no later than midnight everyday.nyr4
2. TravelIt freaks me out to be “trapped” here. As my mum always uses to say: Christina, someone gave you wings, you gotta make use of them and discover the world. This year on my list: Stockholm, Paris and England.nyr6
3. Get in shapeRun, run, run! Summer is coming for sure and I wanna look fabulous in my bikinis this year!nyr5
4. ReadI love reading. My excuse though: I have no time. Well, then better make some. I want to read at least for half an hour every day. Newspaper and every month at least one book.nyr1
5. FoodI always paid attention to what I put in my tummy. I really care about my body and so I want to eat as healthy as possible in 2014. I mean sure, I will still eat cake and maybe steak sometimes, but in general I want to eat clean, vegan, and without sugar and white flour.nyr7
6. Creativity
I am creative. I only didn’t allow myself to be very creative lately. I really want to do another photography course and improve my skills behind the camera.nyr2
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