Monday, January 13, 2014


This last weekend I was at home (the “home” I grew up in, but honestly I have no clue where my home actually is, kind of lost that feeling a while ago). I decided the whole “going-home-thing” very spontaneously on Friday night. And this weekend lots of special moments happened to me…
On Friday night I texted back and forth with my host kid Em. So far she is one of the best things that happened to me in my life. I started to love her like my own child and she turned my world upside down forever. Without her I guess I would still believe that I would be a bad mom or that I actually never want to have kids. But I was wrong!! Letting her down on Friday (had to tell her that I cannot come to Chicago over Easter) nearly broke my heart... I miss her soooo much!!Screenshot_2014-01-09-23-59-15
Then on Saturday I was at one of my best friend’s prom. Caroline was sooooooo pretty!! I already told her that I will book her to make my wedding dress someday in the future!! Love her.
It is so true that people, friends and family and sometimes even strangers, are the best things in life. I truly value everyone who is/ has been part of my life. Every single one, because they all made an impression on me and gave me pieces of advice, wisdom, laughter, love and new points of view. It’s the people in life that make the difference!
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