Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let’s go to… Washington D.C.

IMG_3983A year ago I was in Washington D.C. I was there for only one weekend, but for getting a feeling for this beautiful city it’s enough. D.C. is the capital of the United States and the weather there seems to be fine for nearly all year around. This city is soooo pretty and very very clean! I had the feeling that it was completely different from any other city in the States, it’s more European and less vivid that all the American Super-Mega-Cities. Less busted, more compact, still lots of cool things to do and see. I guess perfect for a relaxed but interesting weekend getaway. IMG_4033 The best idea probably was to rent bikes to get around the National Mall. I mean, sure, we could have walked, but it was so much more convenient and faster to go by bike. We even made it to Arlington, VA and visited the Arlington Cemetery, which is really beautiful, and the Iwo Jima Memorial. IMG_4174 IMG_4006 IMG_4066 IMG_4182 IMG_4081 IMG_4023 IMG_4139 Since the are no adimission fees to pay in any of the museums we decided to visit as many as possible. Of course we had to visit the National Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian because of the “Night at the Museum” movies. Then we’ve also been to the National Air & Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art and the Holocaust Museum.IMG_4268 IMG_4154 IMG_4150 For this weekend we stayed at the “Henley Park Hotel” which was fantastic. We found a pretty good deal via and we couldn’t have been luckier. This was such a nice place: the staff is super friendly, the rooms are all very comfortable and clean, the hotel itself is in walking distance from the National Mall and the price was more than okay for a little luxury!9220294 img1

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