Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Up Up and Away

AAI’ve my own little dance party right now. I laugh, I giggle, I nearly cry, I am overly happy, sooooo excited!! I jump up and down. Why, you ask? Because in 128 days I will arrive in Stockholm and can hug my besties Ellinor and Maddie again!!! DSC_1147
I seriously cannot put in words HOW excited I am!!! And the other fantastic thing is, that Ellinor will come over New Years to Vienna!! Oh I am so happy right now!!!!!
Someone was like: “ Sweden? In February? You sure?” And I was like: “Aaaahhh YEAH!! Cause I can hug my friends again!! I don’t care about no light during the day, or temperatures far below freezing!!” stockholm  picture 1:
picture 3:

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