Thursday, October 31, 2013

Walking on leaves

A couple of weeks ago I was at home for a weekend and since the weather was soooooo nice my friend Caro and me took a little walk through the woods. The leaves started to change colors and the sun was strong enough so that a light sweater was all we needed!!
DSC03069 DSC03067DSC03075 DSC03071 DSC03076DSC03074 DSC03072 DSC03068

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make-Up Shock

I was just trying my make up for tomorrow. I am really not confident enough when it comes to wearing smokey eyes! It just feels like a big big mess in my face!! But for my Halloween Black Swan costume I really need some special effects. Look yourself, and DON’T laugh!!!IMG_0484IMG_0477 IMG_0476

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Up Up and Away

AAI’ve my own little dance party right now. I laugh, I giggle, I nearly cry, I am overly happy, sooooo excited!! I jump up and down. Why, you ask? Because in 128 days I will arrive in Stockholm and can hug my besties Ellinor and Maddie again!!! DSC_1147
I seriously cannot put in words HOW excited I am!!! And the other fantastic thing is, that Ellinor will come over New Years to Vienna!! Oh I am so happy right now!!!!!
Someone was like: “ Sweden? In February? You sure?” And I was like: “Aaaahhh YEAH!! Cause I can hug my friends again!! I don’t care about no light during the day, or temperatures far below freezing!!” stockholm  picture 1:
picture 3:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunny afternoon at Prater

IMG_0282Prater is a big big park in Vienna. The are some tourist attractions, like the Ferris Wheel and the swings that go up to 60 meters. On Saturday  on my way to the city center I went there and took some shots for university. Have a look, I think you might like this!!
IMG_0280 IMG_0275 IMG_0296 IMG_0286

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It was been a while ago that I wrote a blog post. That’s because against every cliché students are busy people!! Seriously I always thought that those three years at college are nothing but fun, relaxing, meeting people, parties and well, a little bit of studying. Not for me ;) I decided to do two majors for my first year at university to find out which one I wanna finish. That actually is quite stressful!!zweiterunitagBut anyway I enjoy it to get to know to completely different fields of interest: Architecture and International Business Administration. Since the beginning of September I live in Vienna and study IBA and last week Architecture started, too. It’s quite impressive how many students started with me at the same time, but see yourself!! ersterunitag

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Indian Summer

IMG_3237 A year ago I was very blessed and enjoyed the most beautiful fall I’ve ever experienced so far. As I mentioned before I lived in Chicago for a year and fall in the Mid-West is simply beautiful. Leaves change from green to a variety of reddish yellowish and orange colors. The sun is still strong and you can enjoy a reading a book on the porch wrapped in a blanket.
My Swedish friend Ellinor and me often grabbed our DSLRs and just took random pictures outside. We also visited the Chicago Botanical Garden. But see yourself, I personally wish to have back those warm days with lots of sunshine where wearing knitwear was just fine