Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I’m at the beginning of a new chapter. But it feels more like a prologue of a book. Here in Austria universities officially start with October 1st. This is the reason, why libraries and learning platforms are pretty empty and why there are not a lot of parties going on. I have to say, I really enjoy this quiet time. It helps me to get used to living on my own, being on my own and being independent, just doing what I feel like.people
A new chapter also means leaving things behind. Well, it is hard to leave the familiar, the comfort zone. And jump right away in the cold water and hope for not drowning. It’s the second time within a year that I start a new chapter of my life. It’s never easy to do so. Think of all the good times, the fun, the awesome memories. Will it ever be like that again? Probably not, but I learned something: the people how care about you, will be with you, no matter what chapter of your life you are in. And if some of your companions decided to leave your path and travel along another one, let go of them and be thankful for what you were able to share with them.happiness3
But what I really want to say is: starting an new chapter, gives you the chance to declutter. Free yourself form negative stuff from your past. The past is already over, it’s water under the bridge, no one is interested in that. Free yourself from people who drag you down or belittle you or your abilities. Those are just jealous or don’t believe in you. So why keeping them in your life?
I will keep all my beloved ones close to my heart! No matter where they are on this planet, they are truly valued and loved by me. But if some people just don’t give you the chance to let them love you, you should probably not waste your energy and move on.

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