Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let’s go to… Mallorca

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I thought that a little mental-travelling on Sundays might be a good idea to finish off the weekend and get ready for work or university again. I love to dream about going to places, no matter if I’ve already been there or not yet!DSC00121
DSC00212 Let’s start with Mallorca. I have been there twice so far, once in Palma de Mallorca and once in the center of this beautiful island in the Mediterranean  Sea. Before I visited the island for the first time with my mom in 2011 I really associated Mallorca with drunk Germans, the famous Ballermann and a warmer extension of Germany. Well, this Spanish beauty proofed me wrong!!DSC00131 DSC07022Palma de Mallorca is a really beautiful city. There are lots of cafés and restaurants, for every budget something, cute little boutiques, ateliers of local artists, old buildings, churches and A LOT of stairs. My mom and me strolled around in the city itself, bought some nice new purses (always a good idea to do if you are in Spain, France or Italy, in my opinion) and finished our day with cocktails in a little bar somewhere near the harbor. IMG_9941 The second time I was there with my cousin. We stayed in the Finca “Son Boyvas” pretty much in the center of the island. We rented a car to get around. Even though it took us about 30 minutes to get to the beach, a restaurant, to Palma or to any other town, we loved it!! In the evenings we enjoyed local wine on our terrace and in the morning we always had organic breakfast in the garden with an absolutely stunning view over the fields.IMG_9945 IMG_0030 Another good thing about Mallorca is that you can get around so easily. There are enough street signs that help you find your way if you rent a car like we did. And if you are just staying in a hotel, there is a good public transport system to all the bigger towns and villages on the island, which are totally worth seeing.2013-08-03 15.51.06
IMG_9978 So I can truly say I love Mallorca. Beautiful landscape, enough convenience, lots of really nice stores and boutiques, excellent restaurants and cafés, nice bars and clubs for the party-people among us, sleepy villages and hidden beach beauties along the coast.IMG_9998

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