Monday, September 2, 2013

First day at University

Today a new chapter started for me. It was the first day of being a student.
Yesterday on the way to Vienna I was sad and melancholic and I have to admit that a few tears were running down my cheeks… I guess it’s normal to be a little confused when something new is about to start. New means that it’s unknown, that might be scary.
But today turned out to be wonderful. I started my day with a breakfast together with my cousin. Then we headed to our universities. Oh, was I excited!!!! I really wanted to enjoy every single minute and store everything as a precious memory. I easily found the Audimax and then couple of minutes later the professor started with class. After a while I was totally absorbed by all the numbers, functions and terms. I honestly love math!!!
Afterwards I moved to my new place, unpacked, went shopping and finally made some soup and put my feet up. All day long two very special people supported my. I really don’t know what I would have done without them – a very big THANK YOU!!! I am very thankful for today – and I even have a picture of my first day of the new chapter.IMG_20130902_143924

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