Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello world

For me summer is nearly over… Of course I am a little bit sentimental about that but on the other hand it also means that a new chapter in my life will start. A very exciting one as everyone says! I will start university on Monday!!
The reason why you can read that now or be here on my very own space in the internet is that I need an outlet for all my weired thoughts, my pictures and my small amount of creativity. Over the last year, especially over the summer months I did so many things: I moved back to Austria, created photobooks, did some painting, explored nature and gave some DIYs a try.
In Vienna it’s gonna be harder for me since I don’t have a big room nor do I have the time for major art projects so I wanna try writing a blog. So I guess I will invite you to come back and have a look at all the things I do in life!!
Until then, keep on wanderlusting!!